Using Games to Train your Dog to Walk Nicely With You

Play Games At Home - Get REAL life RESULTS on the WALK

One of the biggest reasons a person gets a dog is to enjoy walks with them... and one of the biggest training struggles many new owners encounter is walking with their dog. 

It is an important part of training a dog and it is never too late to restart your training for walks. 

We teach you to use games that you play at home at first to change the way your dog views their time on the lead. And then you can play the same games out and about to help the learning transfer fully to the walk experience effectively. 

This course also includes advice for strategies to employ when you are on a walk and encounter a struggle. including a bonus teaching on reactive dogs. 

When you purchase this course you are invited to join the Faithful Friends private facebook coaching group where you will receive regular extra teaching tips and you can ask questions and get specific advice for your situation. 

THIS IS MORE than a VIDEO COURSE it is an open door to further advice and help to fully resolve your dog's walking issues once and for all. This is not like a book of lessons it is a living thing with extra advice available whenever you want it.

Course curriculum

  • 01


    • Welcome to a Walk in the Park

    • Introduction to the course

  • 02

    Walk in the Park

    • General Dog Walking Training Tips

    • Harness, Leads and Collars

    • Three Keys to Unlock a Good Walk

    • Three Common Lead Walking Problems

  • 03

    Walk in the Park Games

    • Two Leads Trick

    • Lunging Game

    • The Wanger Game

    • Magic Hand

    • Figure of 8

    • A to B game

    • Giving in to Lead Pressure 1

    • Give in to Lead pressure 2 PLUS... Thinking in arousal bonus

    • A Note on stressed or excited Dogs: Arousal Up / Arousal Down

    • Join me on a walk and see many of the games in action

  • 04

    BONUS section

    • Realm of the Reactive Dog

    • Middle

    • Smushy Face

  • 05

    Enjoy your Walks

    • Some Final Tips for greater success!

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Meet your Instructor

Your faithfull friend

Lydia Faithfull is a certified PDT (Pro Dog Trainer) and an Approved Instructor with the Dog Training College. She has been trained through the fantastic, comprehensive Absolute Dogs PDT Course. Lydia has raised 15 puppies from birth and bred 12 cockapoos. She is an approved Cockapoo Club of Great Britain Breeder.

Lydia Faithfull

Pro Dog Trainer